Wag ‘n’ Go

Case Study: Wag ‘n’ Go Client: Trina Cooper Website: www.wagngo.com Twitter: @wagthedoguk  Facebook: @wagngo The Project Wag ‘n’ Go is a plush and stylish pet travel product, providing the users dog with a personal space equipped to fit its individual needs. The Idea Behind It! Travelling with a dog can be a stressful experience, when trying to pack all dog equipment such as bowls, towels, a dog bed and food etc. This product eliminates the need to keep packing the dog’s essentials. A luxury case that is versatile and compact, supplying everything needed for the users next trip. Designed to make travelling for the user’s dog, a stress-free experience. A strong and durable carry case with a durable outer shell and a memory foam inner lining with washable liner. The carry case includes a Sherpa cushion, two dog bowls, a do not disturb dog sign, a placemat, towel and a thermal bag to store food or medicine. What Did Innovate Do Next?

  • Evaluate the potential of this idea
  • Innovate first conducted a worldwide patent search
  • Understand potential suitable markets sectors for the concept
  • Undertake a thorough Intellectual Property Search
  • Engage the product design team to visualise the visualise the product
  • Produce photo-realistic CAD visualisations