Chibu Bag

Product name: Reusable Cake Bag

Product protection in place: Registered Design No: DEU-040-17-NWO


Facebook: Chibu London

Twitter: @chibu_london

Instagram: @chibulondon

Chibu Bag is the ultimate reusable cake carrier, which is easy to carry, yet also folds flat for easy storage.


Client, Patience, is a cake enthusiast. She was in the situation that many of us have been, where buying or making the cake seems like the easy bit when it comes to transporting it around. Patience was travelling to work with her birthday cake and struggling to keep it upright in the flimsy white box it came in. She then had the idea to create a product to avoid costly cake accidents and provide peace of mind and a STRESS-FREE way to ensure beautiful cakes arrive in one piece.

Making Chibu

Patience approached Innovate and started the gears in motion, starting immediately with extensive research into the market. Innovate then worked with her for the whole development process, we tested and trialled new designs until finally creating a fantastic prototype and manufacturing files to go and make the product a reality.

Patience has said that one of the main challenges of this process was finding the right manufacturer.  She took her time to find the right one, but having made contacts and links, found the perfect place that understood her vision and can produce at the high quality she hoped for.

What’s happening now?

Patience is keeping her options open and is looking out for the right licensing deals if they come about. For now, she is working hard incredibly hard at self-manufacture, developing and improving her brand and product.

She is showing us all that hard work pays off, after attending Cake shows and receiving a great response, she has been approached to exhibit at Cake International and the largest baking show in the UK, Cake and Bake Show as well as having others in the pipeline. She has also reached out to cake and food magazines, bloggers and brand influencers as well as being ever present on social media. The cake bag is also being sold on Amazon!

Patience (and us at Innovate!) are very proud of this project, and the reviews have been very positive. Her message to other inventors is this:

“It is very overwhelming, especially when you are doing it all by yourself – but do not give up.  If you start it, you have to finish it.”

We have tabs on this product to go the distance, so watch this space!