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A part of a patent specification.  The description is a detailed written document which lays out the function of the invention, the problem that it solves, how it solves the problem, how it is made, as well as other crucial information about how a device according to the invention is different from other products on the market or previously known.  The description can also include comparisons to existing products and how the invention differs from such patents and products currently available.  Descriptions should be detailed enough to allow a skilled person to make the invention, but may allow for slight variations in design and innovation to shield from a competitor changing an aspect of the idea and producing or patenting for themselves.  For example do not say that your product is made entirely of plastic.  If a competitor uses say metal then they may be able to file a patent on the idea or produce in metal. Say instead that it is constructed of a durable and economical material which may comprise plastics, rubbers, synthetics, or metals.