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Why do I need a promotional website?

Whether you have chosen to license your idea to an existing company, or set up a new firm and manufacture it yourself, a website is a fantastic way to get your product noticed and start generating interest.

What is the purpose of a promotional website?

  • To raise the profile of your product.
  • Quickly and easily demonstrate the benefits of your product to potential investors and licensees.
  • Allow you to reach interested parties across the world in a simple, economical way.
  • Introduce your product to its intended consumer, to help you conduct market research.

Once commissioned, we will create a fully-working website for your product, ready for you and other interested parties to view online. Your website will be created by our expert web designer, based on the visualisation package we created during the design development process.

What does the website include?

  • A homepage displaying a photorealistic render of your product.
  • A page displaying a storyboard, explaining how the intended user will interact with the product.
  • A page displaying technical details of your product.
  • A contact page, with your contact details and/or a contact form.

We will also get your website up and running for you, by setting up your web space, web address and uploading the site.

For more information on our promotional website service, or any other website design we may be able to help with, please feel free to contact us: 01722 410295

Current examples of Innovate websites include:

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