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Logo Design - Promoting your idea

Why do I need a logo?

Logos or product/business names can be protected by a trade mark.

Logos can help to establish branding for your company or product.

Trademarks and branding can help to establish a reputation for your product.

In doing so, they can also help to gain monopoly of your product, by establishing your product as an original.

Logos can serve as a visual reminder of the company's existence and its values.

Logos help to create a professional image for your brand.

What is the Innovate logo design process?

  • Consultation on design requirements.
  • Presentation of a variety of concepts.
  • Feedback and Review Stages.
  • Final Design Presentation.

How can Innovate help with logo design?

We can help to create a professional, thoughtfully designed logos to represent your brand or product.

You are involved in the design process from start to finish.

We provide a minimum of three logo concepts / styles from the outset.

Files will be professionally finalised and presented to you in vector format (editable and re-scalable to any size without loss in quality).

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