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Product Launch

Although inventions promotions and marketing companies offer to market your product on your behalf, we would never advise using them, as you are the best person to market your idea. With the full background knowledge and the passion to drive your project forward, an investor or licensee is going to be more interested in your story then that of a third party marketer.

Product Marketing Advisory Service

Innovate now offer a Product Marketing Advisory Service to provide the additional support needed to get your product to market. Although we provide enough advice for you to do this yourself, this add-on service, allows us to provide a more hands-on approach should you not have the confidence or time to do this alone.

Areas we can help with include:

  • Sourcing Companies
  • Obtaining Relevant Contacts or Links
  • Contacting Companies
  • Submitting Proposals
  • Acquiring Meetings
  • Arranging Appointments
  • Attending Trade Shows
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Pitch Assistance
  • Presentation Attendance

This is a tailored service to best suit your needs and project and involves an initial consultation to discuss exactly how we can assist. Due to the nature of marketing, this is a constantly developing service; should you feel there is an area in which we could provide additional support that has not been mentioned here, please feel free to make suggestions and we will see how we can assist.

For further information on this service, please contact Clio Davies, our Product Marketing Advisor, at the Salisbury Studio: 01722 410295

Benefits of using Innovate Design

  • We have over 10 years experience in developing ideas
  • We offer a review of your idea free of charge
  • You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
  • All information shared is 100% confidential
  • We have been acknowledged as an approved consultant provider by Business Link | London since 2002
  • Our business and documentation is formulated to be compliant with BS 8538:2011 - what this means

How can Innovate Design help?

  • Expert advice on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, including patenting
  • Global patent searching to establish originality
  • Cost effective professional product design
  • Prototyping your new product idea
  • Help with Intellectual Property applications
  • Product marketing advice and assistance

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