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Why do I need graphic design work?

You may want to use our graphic design service for the following purposes:

  • Branding: graphics can help to establish a brand for your product in much the same way as logos. This includes designs that can be used on stationery and presentation material.
  • Business Cards: designing business cards helps you and your company to look professional and are useful when networking, particularly at trade shows and events.
  • Presentation Material: on occasion, you may need supplementary design work to compliment your CAD designs or prototype. For some clients, 2D graphic designs may be enough to present your project to industry.
  • Packaging Design: if you are looking to manufacture and distribute your product, then you will need to source and design packaging. Once you have contacted packaging manufacturers, we can help design the external images to represent your product. This may include your logo or branding. We can speak directly to your packaging manufacturers to make sure our designs fit your specification.

Your graphic design needs will depend on your individual project. Therefore, if you have any requirements that do not appear above, please feel free to ask us: 01722 410295

The Innovate graphic design process:

  • Consultation on design requirements
  • Presentation of a variety of concepts
  • Feedback and Review Stages
  • Final Design Presentation

How can Innovate help with my graphic design needs?

Innovate can help to meet whatever graphic design requirements your project needs. This will involve a consultation.

Innovate can help carry your branding through from 3D design to packaging and any aspect needed in between.

With packaging, Innovate can liaise directly with the packaging manufacturers to make sure our designs fit your packaging dimensions exactly.

Our graphic design assistance can be tailored to meet your needs.

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