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Worldwide Patent Search

What is a patent search?

It is a search carried out to discover if an idea has already been patented. It is an essential first step in taking an idea to market as interested parties will always want to know that an idea is original before choosing to get involved. A professional patent researcher will complete a worldwide patent search using specialised techniques including classification code system searching and cross referencing as well as keyword searches. The patent search uses several worldwide databases which are not easily accessible to the inventor.

Why commission a worldwide patent search?

A professional patent search can save the inventor a lot of time and money if a match is found and a patent cannot be obtained. It is better to establish this as soon as possible to minimise time and money spent an idea that is not original.

The idea may be an improvement on existing prior art but could still be patentable. Therefore you would need to do the search to find all similar patents and then draft your patent application carefully to make sure you are not infringing on an existing patent's prior art.

A complete report will show what areas of your idea need changing if they conflict with existing patents or which areas of the idea to further develop as they are truly original.

Potential investors or representatives of industry will expect a patent search to have been conducted to show whether there is potential in an idea being granted a patent.

If the invention is found to be original through the patent search, the results will help the wording of the patent application so it is more likely to be granted.

The results of a patent search

The results of the patent search will be compiled, bound and sent to you by recorded delivery. The language used in patent applications can be difficult to understand and it is often hard to establish the implications of the results. Therefore the patent search carried out by Innovate Design includes a consultation with one of our patenting experts to help you decide what to do next.

If you to commission a worldwide patent search on your idea with Innovate Design the first stage is to complete the initial review by sending your idea to us. This can be done in two ways:

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