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Is The Internet of Things (IoT) the next big tech revolution?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

How can you make the most of this latest technology? Could you make real money from it?


Imagine a world where your refrigerator lets you know when you run out of milk and gives you feedback on a device, such as a smart phone, and adds this to your shopping list. A pillbox that reminds you to take your medication at regular intervals and contacts your doctor once you are running low on your prescription. Or a fitness wristband that gives you updates on your health via your Smartphone using a combination of sensors.

The Internet of Things refers to a network of any natural or manmade objects that can be assigned to an IP address providing the ability to transfer data over a network using technologies such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), short-range wireless communications, real-time localization, and sensor networks.

It is now possible for individuals’ inventors to use this technology because:

1-Low cost sensors are widely available, they can be programmed to sense the environment and share that information on the internet such as location of items, their temperatures and so on.

2- New Internet protocol, IPv6, has massively increased the numbers of IP addresses, allowing any objects to be connected over the internet.

There are two primary uses of the IoT:

1-   Monitoring connected objects transferring data in real time to you. An example of this is the Smart wine cellar of Vint Cerf (the inventor of the original Internet Protocol). It makes sure bottles don’t get lost and alert him if the cellar gets too hot.

2-   The connected object will go beyond monitoring (not just alerting you), it will connect directly to another machine. It will become more autonomous and intelligent. This is referred to Machine to Machine (M2M), like a traffic light system that automatically respond to traffic jams directing cars away from the troubled areas

The applications for the IoT are vast:

In your home, monitoring any appliances or objects to alert you if they need repairing, replacing or any other data you might find useful.

For people & animals, monitoring in real time your baby’s temperature, breathing, making sure that an elderly person takes a pill on time etc.

In cities, such as smart lightings that adjust to seasons and time changes resulting in reduction of costs and energy

In Industries, for quality control and employee’s management, like sensors installed inside equipment that will monitor if any parts have exceeded their designed threshold and will automatically send reports to owners.

For the environment, to monitor climate changes flooding, pollution etc.

We are at an early stage of the IoT .Venture capitalist sees the Internet of Things as a huge opportunity.

Could you take advantage of this new technology? Could your invention become a connected object and improve our day to day life?  This is an opportunity to revisit past ideas and adapt them.

Innovate Product Design has experience working on a wide range of products and connected objects or those linked with Smart Phone applications and we are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.
By Barbara

Innovative new product ideas to take your pets on holidays with you.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

By: Robyn Fairweather

Over recent years the UK has seen a shift from overseas holidays, to “Staycations”, for those not in the know that is holidaying here in the UK as opposed to travelling overseas.  And why not?  Not only does this give our economy a much needed boost, we have some of the most beautiful coastlines, national parks and best tourist attractions right on our doorstep.  The weather may be as unpredictable as, well, the weather, and your pennies may not stretch quite as far, but there is one distinct advantage for the 8 million dog owners in the UK and that is the number of options for taking your pet on holiday with you.

Like travelling with children, travelling with a dog requires planning.  You may be spared the constant “are we nearly there yets”, but there will still be whining (of a different sort), travel sickness, numerous toilet breaks and food and drink provisions to contend with.  Luckily there are a number of innovative products available to ease the stress and get your holiday off to a great start.

1 -The Gamma2 Pet Travel Tainer is an excellent space saving solution for handling feeding at your destination.  The middle section holds enough food for up to two weeks, while two bowls for food and water attach at either end with a convenient carry handle

Gamma 2


2-While the Gamma2pet travel tainer has its advantages, it’s not overly practical for roadside drinks or when at the beach.  These great H2O4K9 water bottles overcome this problem .  They fit perfectly in to car cup holders, backpacks and bike cages and the  patented lids are specifically designed to accommodate a dogs natural drinking style.




3- When it comes to carriers and bedtime, the Sleepypod has it all wrapped up.  It can be used as a travel seat and then converted to a bed on arrival.  This luxurious pet carrier also comes with optional extras, such as an electrical warmer for colder nights, an air mesh hammock for the warmer ones and absorbent, disposable travel pads for any little accidents.




The latest innovation to hit the world of bicycle locks is the Skylock Smart Bike Lock.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Bike lock

By: Alex Bell

The functionality of this invention is an evolutionary step in the way bike locks have been developed in the past.

The Skylock Smart Bike Lock connects with a user’s smart phone via an app. This allows a raft of functions that you just don’t get from a regular bike lock.

You get keyless entry, which means that you can press a button on your phone to open the lock – you can even set it to unlock on a proximity basis, so when you walk up to your bike it will unlock without needing to press a button on your phone.

Another useful option you get with the app is having a warning sent to you if someone tries to tamper with your bike.

It also has an accelerometer built in. This means that if you are riding and have an accident the lock will ask you if you are okay! If you don’t respond it will contact an ambulance for you, very useful if you have been incapacitated.

All of this innovation is powered by a built in solar panel that charges the device whenever it is exposed to sunlight.

This is a far cry from the type of functionality you could expect from a bike lock 40 years ago.

An example of a classic design from the world of bike locks is the Kryptonite Lock.

This lock was first developed in 1972, taking the form of a u-lock. It was a no frills locking solution that went about protecting the padlock mechanism in a hardened shell from bolt cutters.

The patent was applied for in 1972 and was granted in 1974.

It was a successful and iconic design that has led to Kryponite being one of the most recognisable names in the world of bike protection.

The introduction of this new breed of bike locks, embodied in the Skylock could spell the end of the traditional bike lock, so it will be interesting to see how the likes of Kryptonite react to its arrival.


By: Alex Bell

Innovate client on ‘Make Me a Millionaire Inventor’ TV series

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Irish Entrepreneur features on new “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” TV series


An Irish inventor featured in a new satellite TV business series on Sunday, 4th May at 7pm. Innovate client Declan McDonnell, from Trillick Co Tyrone, is owner and inventor of the Xpanda Bra, a maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes, which enables it to fit not only throughout the pregnancy, but throughout breastfeeding too, adapting along with your changing body.

Declan is one of only a handful of contestants throughout the UK and Ireland that were invited to take part in “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor”, a new feel-good business series which delves into the patent archives in search of some of the many brilliant inventions that haven’t yet fulfilled their full potential.

Every episode, which is being broadcast on satellite channel PICK, sees two specialist presenters pick an original invention each. They pay a surprise visit to the original inventors to re-ignite their old passion for their products, and then provide support from a team of experts to help the inventor’s structure a business plan, produce and market-test a prototype and coach them in how to pitch their project. Finally, the inventors like Declan make a pitch to potential investors and industry buyers, who are ready to fund production and help the inventors hit the high street.


Speaking of his participation on the show, Declan said: “I was astonished when the presenters arrived on my doorstep out of the blue and explained to me that they would work with me on my patent idea as part of the “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” programme.  My involvement with the show has been really enjoyable and informative, and has really broadened my horizons about the potential for my product and the business overall.”

For more information on XpandaBra please visit



Innovate client in Closer Magazine

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Congratulations to Tracy Wilson and Emma Brown, creators of Dribble Stop Top and clients of Innovate, who have recently featured in Closer Magazine.

The article is a fantastic example of how anyone can have a brilliant idea for a new product and see it right through to getting the product produced and selling in shops.

We wish the team at Dribble Stop Top all the best for the success they deserve, it has been a pleasure working with them!

Closer 060514

Innovate wins award!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.46.42

Innovate Product Design is very proud to announce that we have won an award in the U.S.A. – The UK Trade & Industry Business Innovation Awards in the Business category. The award was accepted by Innovate’s San Francisco office Client Manager, Jessica Vann, during the 5th annual award ceremony at the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills on 23rd April, 2014

We are really thrilled with this achievement and look forward to continuing the help we offer entrepreneurs in the UK who are wanting to access the US market with their new product idea. We also continue to help build on the UK’s strong reputation for innovative, creative product design throughout the US.

Chairman of BritWeek Bob Pierce said, “This was our strongest ever field of nominations. California and the UK continue to amaze with the pace and range of innovation, and every finalist was well deserving of an award. I congratulate them all and especially our five 2014 winners.”

Click the video frame below to watch the winning video:

Innovate Product Design from Hard As Nails Inc. on Vimeo.


More information:


InventionCalculator™ In The Media

Monday, April 7th, 2014

App Clipping

Innovate’s InventionCalculator™ app has been featured in ‘The Mail On Sunday’ and on the ‘Mail Online’ website.

Launched in the UK in early March 2014 the InventionCalculator™ has been received very well by the Inventor and Entrepreneurial communities, with over two thousand downloads to date.

The InventionCalculator™ is a first-of-its-kind educational tool to help the individual innovator, aspiring inventor or entrepreneur understand the global market potential and financial implications when exploring the different routes to take a new product idea to market.

The InventionCalculator™ can calculate the profit an inventor may receive by inputting the demographics of potential consumers and the price that the consumer would pay for the product. The calculator then uses a formula to calculate the estimated manufacturing cost and therefore the gross profit, then demonstrating how this varies dependant on the choice of business model or route to market that the inventor chooses to adopt.

To view the online article from the ‘Mail Online’ visit their website here

The InventionCalculator™ is now available for both Apple iOS and Android devices, download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Alternatively you can use the InventionCalculator™ on the Innovate website here

For a demo of the InventionCalculator™ for iOS click here or for Android click here.

Innovate Receives New 3D Printer

Monday, March 31st, 2014


Innovate’s New 3D Printer


Innovate recently took receipt of a new 3D Printer, meaning that we are now able to offer a much more refined, in-house, proof of principle prototyping service.

The HP Designjet 3D Color Printer marks the third 3D printer that Innovate have used in their product development processes. This range of 3D printers enables us to create precise, durable plastic models that enable evaluation of form, fit, and function right here in our Design Studio.

The Designjet allows Innovate to print larger models or more models in a job with a 33% larger build area than previous printers, print up to 30% faster than, thicker layers and choose from eight different and vibrant colours to create models, increasing the impact of the design when produced.

We thought we would give it a big warm welcoming by printing ‘Innovate’ as its first run! We hope you like the look of it and look forward to seeing your prototypes tested and developed using it.

Innovate Enters UKTI Business Innovation Awards

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Innovate is proud to have been nominated for the BritWeek UKTI Business Innovation Awards.

This award seeks to celebrate outstanding achievments in innovation among the diverse UK-California business community.

Click below to watch our Nomination Entry Video

Innovate Client Receives Funding

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Innovate client ‘Wag N Go’ has recently received funding for their elegant and durable solution a dog’s essential needs while away from home.
Wag N Go 2 With 28 funders helping to make the dream come true, Wag N Go received a total of £2,692, £192 over their targeted amount. Funders received a variety of rewards for their contributions, ranging from ‘A Howl and Big Wag Thank You’ to receiving 9 Wag N Go Bags!

The successful funding will mean that Wag N Go will be able to pay for their first run of the Wag N Go bag and have it shipped along with being able to start a second-edition run of the Wag N Go bag.

Coming with just an idea and a few sketches, Innovate assisted Wag N Go with the initial design and development of the product.

With two Fresh-Seal containers, a silicone travel bowl, large zip pockets for all of your doggy gear and a large double fleece sleeping blanket, Wag N Go is perfect if you are going out for the day or staying over at a friend’s house and don’t want to lumber all the essentials with you.

Check out the successful pitch here on indiegogo.

Visit the Wag N Go Website for more information.

If you’ve had a great idea for a new product then ensure to request one of our information packs by clicking on the link in the top right of this page, you never know you could soon be receiving funding for your project through a crowdfunding site. If you want to find out more information on crowdfunding then check out our crowdfunding page!