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How to Patent an Idea | Protect your idea

Patent, Registered Design, Trademark or Copyright?

The first and foremost thing you must do before taking your idea to market is to get protection on your product. Idea protection is essential to have in place before approaching companies, as having protection on your idea also adds credibility. Protection will also stop people reproducing your idea without prior permission.

Intellectual property protection can provide the owner with the monopoly on the market and therefore can be a valuable asset. When licensing, it is possible that you may receive a greater percentage of royalty payments if you have registered your product with an Intellectual Property Office.

This section explores the different forms of protection available and the benefits of each:

  • Patents
  • Registered Designs
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright

It will look at how to apply for protection and the potential cost associated with this, as well as understanding why protection can be so valuable. It will also look at the use of confidentiality agreements and their necessity when disclosing information.

Benefits of using Innovate Design

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How can Innovate Design help?

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