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Patent Application - How to apply for a patent

The information from the patent search will help to establish the claims of novelty in the patent application. The wording of the patent application is exceptionally important as it is a legal document and although you are not legally obliged to have someone write the application for you we would generally advise that your application be written by a professional.

What is included in a patent application?

A patent application is a detailed document made of up of several parts:

  • Abstract: This is a short synopsis of the product printed on the front page of a published document, usually for the purposes of searching. The Abstract is often taken from the Claims.
  • Description: This is the overall description of the product, including components and applications. It is the bulk of the application and includes background material, references to other patent applications and explanations of the drawings.
  • Claims: This is the most important part of the application and is what you are claiming as novel about your product, over any other patent application. These have to be very precise whilst still allowing for future modifications or improvements. The Main Claim is the first listed claim and is your main feature of the product. It is the Claims that are used to assess applications against each other and decide on patentability.
  • Drawings: These are simple, 2D, black and white line drawings of the product as a representation of the wording of the document. They are for reference only and do not dictate the design of your product.

How can Innovate help?

We have a patent drafter on site who can draft a patent application for you, allowing you to self-file the application with the UK Intellectual Property Office. By doing this, you are avoiding the expense of using a patent attorney who acts as your agent and therefore, incurs further, steeper costs. Alternatively, should your application be particularly technical, or you need the services of a legal body acting as your agent, for example if your permanent address is overseas, we have a patent attorney with whom we are affiliated who offers preferential rates to all our clients.

To find out more about the IPO (previously known as the UK Patent Office) click here: UK Intellectual Property Office

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