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Client Testimonials

Craig Broadhurst NEW!

"Innovate helped me each step of the way from my first rough drawings and idea to my prototype. They advised throughout the patent process and offered advice when needed, I don't feel my invention would be at the stage it is now without Jay Short and his team."

David Wiltsher, Parent Control Guide. NEW!

"We feel so very lucky to be working with Innovate! Without doubt one of the best decisions we have made!!!
When we came up with the idea for the world's first fully functional remote control for parents, called the Parent Control Guide we knew we had a great idea and needed to find the perfect partner to help us develop the concept and protect it."

"Innovate have not only designed a great product for us, they have also helped us protect it with their patent service and have created two fantastic websites that we are over the moon with! In addition they are always there to help us every step of the way, THANK YOU INNOVATE!!!"

"I would not hesitate to recommend them! if you are serious about developing and giving your product a realistic chance, Innovate are the perfect partner to help you achieve your goal."

Visit the official Parent Control Guide website here: Parent Control Guide

Tristan Plum, FledglingSports® (Tennis Rattle) NEW!

"Innovate have helped at various stages of my brands life cycle from patent searches, product development, packaging and website design. Their vast array of services and talent means they can support your needs over the long term which makes them a good company to partner with. I had the pleasure of working with the same designer on the last two occasions; he was responsive, helpful and creative throughout and most importantly he totally nailed the final deliverable which far exceeded my expectations!"

Visit the official FledglingSports website here: FledglingSports®

Clare Edwards

"After reading the other testimonials, nearly every single one says the same thing with a slightly different slant of what we all know is true: the warmth, professionalism and creativity that you all ooze is outstanding. What I have found, is that to be able to make all these inventors feel as special about their project as you have made me feel, is a mixture of it all and TRUST. It truly is refreshing to know that the team and company aren't in it for the money, and there is no catch, that job satisfaction is a must on all levels and in my eyes and obviously others, it is a fantastic JOB WELL DONE. I would highly recommend Innovate Design to all who would like a dream to come true."

William Allingham, Quadcrate®

"I found them very helpful and professional in all areas of the patent research process. The designs were done well in 3D, and the advice was brilliant. Alastair, who I dealt with, was great. He has a good straight business going there."

Find out about Innovate's role in the development of Quadcrate by clicking here: Quadcrate Case Study
Visit the official Quadcrate website here: Allingham Quadcrate®

Kate Castle, BoginaBag®

"I was very pleased with the final product design and the presentation boards that were produced. I requested a number of amendments and these were made quickly and efficiently."

Find out about Innovate's role in the development of Boginabag by clicking here: Boginabag® Case Study
Visit the official BoginaBag website here: BoginaBag™

Tony Allsopp, Design-A-Clock

"I approached Innovate when I first had the idea for my product but was not sure what to expect. They were helpful through the patent search and came up with an excellent design. Following this they made a prototype, which took the initial idea to the next level. Our product is now on the market and I would highly recommend Innovate to anyone who comes up with a new idea."

Visit the official Design-A-Clock website here: Design-A-Clock

Steve Thomas, Topster™

"Innovate helped me to bring my idea to life, by taking my very own 'home made model' made from sticky tape, foam pads, bits of plastic and stainless steel, transforming it into an impressive marketable product made from a special type of nylon. This enabled me to show my product to potential customers with total confidence for the first time. Looking back at the Topster journey, working with Innovate and making a prototype was without doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made".

Visit the official Topster website here: Topster

Margaret Hiscoe-James, Pomclip

"We would definitely recommend Innovate. We thought we had come up with a good idea, and from our rough sketch drawings they were able to produce a working product. From the very start we knew we were dealing with the right company; the team were always on hand when we had any queries and we found their advice invaluable".

Visit the official Pomclip website here: Pomclip

Delia Strand, Logical Gadgets (Chargem™)

Innovate were approached by Logical Gadgets when they wanted to progress with their multi charging product 'Chargem™'.

"This space saving device required some development which is where Innovate really helped speed up the project. Their communication was second to none, with regular contact and updates at each stage of the project. Without their creativity and complete understanding of the requirements from Logical Gadgets, we would not have such a slick and funky product design. Throughout our development journey, we have found Innovate to be very professional, informative and knowledgeable of the work they have carried out for us."

"Logical Gadgets would highly recommend Innovate to any prospective organization who would like to develop their product further."

Find out about Innovate's role in the development of Chargem™ by clicking here: Chargem™ Case Study
Visit the official Chargem™ website here: Logical Gadgets

David Drake, ChokArt

"Innovate had a clear picture in their minds from my description of what the idea was and how it would work and look, this made the whole process a lot easier. After the drawings, we sat down again to discuss prototyping which again Innovate were able to help and steer me in the right direction, they produced our first working model of what is now ChokArt. After receiving the prototype my mind set changed as I could now see my idea in the flesh and it proved that it worked and solved all the problems it was designed to solve."

Find out about Innovate's role in the development of ChokArt by clicking here: ChokArt Case Study
Visit the official ChokArt website here: ChokArt

Ravishankar Anantharamu

"Innovate Design assisted me in the development of my idea further than my wildest imagination. The designer was personally contactable throughout the process and was extremely willing to go out of her way in the development process. What I specifically liked was that the designer was not hesitant in offering best advice which was sometimes differing from my views. Her concern was for maximum commercialisation of the product and thinking from the user's standpoint. I will certainly be engaging their services again for sure, and recommend them to anybody else.".

Steven Dewhurst

"I found Innovate to be a group of professional and dedicated people who brought my idea to life. Meeting the staff was a relaxed and stress-free experience. They listened, offered advice and were always available to talk to when needed. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other would-be inventors!"

Visit the official Conserve Cards website here: Conserve Cards

Duncan Rolinson

"A fantastic piece of work, I am extremely happy with that. It has turned out better than my wildest dreams. I now strongly believe I can go somewhere with this and you have played a big part in helping me, so many thanks to you".

David Donahue

"After assessing my idea, Innovate created design images of the planned invention. Using these images, I approached the distributor I thought best suited to produce and market the idea. The distributor reacted very positively but expressed concern that the product might not function well in practice. They suggested that a prototype would be helpful as a next step in their evaluation. I provided Innovate with more ideas for approaches to work out the mechanical operation. The prototype Innovate produced incorporated these ideas and went even further. The result is an extremely appealing, functional and cost effective solution. I was very pleased with the attention and creativity Innovate applied to the prototype development."

Phil Taylor

"I would like to thank Innovate for the excellent professional service and advice gratefully received."

Roger Armour

"I took my prototype to your Salisbury office and was impressed by the warm welcome, the keen interest and the professionalism. Within a few weeks the design produced was very good, and the changes I wanted were promptly attended to. I also received excellent advice about patenting, design registration and costs. Thank you!"

Philip Ingham, Wayfair Group

"When a project comes to me where Innovate has been involved, the idea is well thought through, and there are invaluable design and presentation details and images which can make all the difference in helping to convey the essential features of the idea to potentially interested companies."

Visit the Wayfair Group website here: Wayfair Group

Adrian M. Morley, Heat Haus Ltd

"From the initial search on the internet Innovate were at the top of the list. The company ethos of "working for the inventor" and not using them as a "source for new ideas that could be exploited" was part of the initial attraction. I found their response to my enquires very prompt and the literature dispatched to explain the various steps from researching patents through to obtaining the patent for my idea, clear and easy to understand. The process has been expedient and very professional with all personnel being very friendly and a pleasure to deal with."

Visit the official Heat Haus website here: Heat Haus

Alan Birch, Keebox

"The whole experience with Innovate I found to be very professional. From the initial research and Global patent search through to the most impressive part, the design work. I came away with an exellent visualisation and plans for what started out as an idea. I could not have taken the idea as far as I have without Innovate."

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